BizReady Program

An entrepreneurial mindset and the ability to innovate will be the keys to success in a diverse and demanding future workforce. Creating a culture of enterprise thinking in schools and in the workplace will better prepare young Australians for a changing and challenging employment market.

With this in mind, Tracy Marsh Publications has developed BizReady, the entrepreneurship, innovation, business and enterprise program.


WHAT IS BizReady?

BizReady is a multi-media educational toolkit for educators, students and any enterprising young Australian with an eye towards a more positive employment future. It was designed in consultation with industry and career educators.

BizReady is straightforward and easy to use. It explains the ‘WHAT IS’ and ‘HOW TO’ of all aspects of business, providing real life examples and information on relevant and up-to-date advice.

The BizReady activities are designed to help young Australians put their own business or startup ideas into action.

BizReady encourages an entrepreneurial mindset of creative thinking and problem solving. It gives young Australians the skills and confidence to take ownership of their ideas, their careers and their success.



BizReady is designed to enrich all areas of the curriculum, from business and vocational education, through to humanities and STEAM. It can be tailored to meet the needs of individual students or specific subjects.

  • A vast resource of engaging content
  • Facility to create lesson folders to share with students
  • Fluent, easy to use navigational search function
  • Informative graphics
  • Activities
  • Videos and links


Curriculum Mapped

The modules of BizReady are linked to the Knowledge, Understandings and Outcomes of the following Australian curriculums:

  • Business Studies (NSW)
  • Business Studies (QLD)
  • Business and Innovation ( SA/NT)
  • Business Studies (TAS)
  • Business Management (VIC)
  • Business Management and Enterprise (WA)
  • Australian Curriculum: Work Studies Y9, Y10
  • Australian Curriculum: Economics and Business
  • Australian Blueprint for Career Development: Phase III, Phase IV


WHY BizReady?

BizReady responds to the need for a mindset of innovation and entrepreneurial thinking in the changing workforce. It challenges young Australians to carve out a positive work future, whether self-employed, as employees or as business operators.


  • Recognise or create work and business opportunities
  • Explore and understand the marketplace
  • Analyse and evaluate risks or problems
  • Create solutions
  • Develop and execute their own business plan
  • Know how and where to seek advice, guidance and government assistance
  • Utilise and expand upon the skills and knowledge of others
  • Learn to revise and adapt with change
  • Seize opportunities and meet challenges head-on
  • Persevere
  • Understand that there are lessons to be learned from failure
  • Understand how enterprise can be the catalyst for economic and social change
  • Believe they can make a difference and take the risk to do so
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