Creating a Business Future for your Students

AUSTRALIAN YOUTH UNEMPLOYMENT RATE AT 11.7% 19 APPLICATIONS FOR EVERY ENTRY-LEVEL JOB ADVERTISED! 50% OF JOBS ADVERTISED REQUIRE A UNIVERSITY EDUCATION It can be frustrating preparing students for a positive employment future when the headlines so often shout out statistics of gloom. Finding employment from school is not as easy as it once was Entry-level… Read more

BizReady Q & A

We appreciate and respond to the feedback we receive – so now, BizReady has a new student format and different cost structure. So why have we done this and what does it mean for your school and your students? Take a look at our response to some of the questions from our community and if… Read more


…Yes we can! So there’s been a survey on the state of health of high school work experience system and the verdict is in. It’s broken! Tell us something we don’t already know! We’ve been treading water for years now. Although many schools throughout Australia have managed to run excellent work experience programs in partnership… Read more

Why kids should be taught how to start a business at school

Nigeria and Kenya are actively tackling their high youth unemployment rate by ‘equipping children with entrepreneurial skills while they’re still at school’. The African continent simply doesn’t have the jobs to employ everyone leaving school; so equipping students with the ‘essential foundational knowledge and skills such as emotional intelligence and risk taking’ will help them… Read more

DIGGING INTO JOB ADS recently dug into their job ads to explore jobs growth throughout Australia in 2017, and some of the results are quite revealing. With all of the publicity surrounding the need for students to explore STEM options, it won’t come as any surprise to find that science, technology and engineering jobs recorded strong growth in… Read more


We understand that time is limited in any classroom and there is only so much you can get through in each lesson. It’s a shame really, especially considering the time spent on research and preparation. Even when all goes to plan, by the end of a unit of work, there is often so much that… Read more


For at least the past century, Australia’s promise to our young people has been that education is their ‘golden-ticket’ to a full-time job. That promise is now at risk. So begins the forward to the Foundation for Young Australians (FYA) 2018 report ‘The New Work Reality’. It’s nothing we are unaware of, and it sounds… Read more


We already know that the dynamic and changing workforce will see young people shifting through several jobs, and careers in their lifetime. For some, these dynamics, coupled with the experiences and skills they gain, will present business, startup, or other opportunities. It’s an exciting time, and might seem daunting to some. But it needn’t be…. Read more

STEAM is the new STEM!

For several years now the big push in schools has been to encourage the uptake of STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) – and rightly so. Young Australians need to be prepared to meet the challenges of a brave new world of innovation, discovery and disruptive technologies. Technologies that are changing the way we… Read more


For some time now we’ve been hearing and writing about the importance of entrepreneurship in the future workforce. The call has been for young Australians to become job creators over job seekers. More importantly though, the workforce needs intrapreneurs! Students don’t have to be entrepreneurs to be successful, but unlocking their entrepreneurial skills will certainly… Read more

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