Welcome to BizReady


If this is your first time using the program – welcome!

We’re sure you will find BizReady useful in accessing valuable information to assist you in your business and entrepreneurial studies.

If you have any queries, please contact us by clicking on the Support tab. This will send an email that will be attended to immediately.

To get started you will first need to create your folders in the My Folders tab. You can create folders and then add sub folders within your main folders.

Once you have created your folders you can start adding the information to assist you with your business studies or startup.

The MODULES OVERVIEW blue tab on the right will take you directly to BizReady’s 14 modules and the sections within each module.

Each section contains the ‘WHAT IS’ and ‘HOW TO’ of all aspects of Australian business.

Click on a module and scroll down to select the section you would like to review. If you wish to save this section to a folder, click on ADD TO FOLDER and choose the folder you would like it saved to – it’s that easy!

Alternately you can type a word or subject into the SEARCH FUNCTION to find the relevant information in the BizReady modules.

Use the Curriculum Mapping to see how the information from each module sits in the context of the Business Studies courses in your state or territory.

The Young Entrepreneurs magazine is a great resource for inspiration and ideas. It contains relevant and up-to-date information on new innovations and interviews with young up and coming entrepreneurs.
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