BizReady Q & A

We appreciate and respond to the feedback we receive – so now, BizReady has a new student format and different cost structure.

So why have we done this and what does it mean for your school and your students? Take a look at our response to some of the questions from our community and if you do have any more questions, get in touch. We’re always happy to chat.

How does the revised BizReady membership work?

Each student pays $20 per year for a subscription to BizReady. This gives them access to all of the content in every module.

  • Students can search the modules and choose the content that is relevant to them
  • They can then create their own folders for each section of their study material
We didn’t find BizReady user friendly for our students and are reviewing whether to add it to the 2020 budget.

We also realised that the previous format with ‘teacher only’ access to the module content was not user friendly for students. That’s why we changed it.

  • The new format gives students the ability to access all of the modules and create their own folders for researching for their course
What exactly do you mean when you say you have added ‘individual student registration’ and ‘you no longer have to subscribe as a school?

This means that your school does not incur the cost of BizReady.

  • Individual student registration is $20 a year. The $20 fee can be added to the students booklist
At this stage we are unsure of how many students we will have in our courses in 2020

This doesn’t matter. BizReady will either be on the booklist, or students can purchase it online at the beginning of the 2020 school year.

Does the BizReady fee structure allow Years 9 and 10 to register if it’s deemed suitable, or is it just for Years 11 and 12?

Yes of course! BizReady is valuable for all interested young Australians. It’s suitable for all business courses, including Entrepreneurship, How to start a small Business, Business and Enterprise and Business Innovation.

Just to be clear – this $20 per student replaces the school membership fee of, say $650 with unlimited access for students?

Yes – and that’s much better for the school!

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